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REMINDER: The Escazú Agreement Secretariat recalls that  
26 September 2020 is the last day to sign the Escazú Agreement. Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean may sign and ratify the agreement after seeking confirmation from the United Nations Treaty Section.


Ecuador ratifies the Escazú Agreement



On 21 May 2020, Ecuador became the ninth country to deposit the instrument of ratification of the Escazú Agreement. 


The instrument was deposited by the Permanent Mission of Ecuador to the United Nations in New York. 

New online course on SDG 16 and the Escazú Agreement


This e-learning course explores the environmental dimension of SDG 16, honing in on the targets and indicators linked to access rights. Access rights (access to information, public participation, and access to justice), supported by safeguards for environmental defenders, are essential elements of environmental stewardship and decision-making. The course provides an overview of how the Escazú Agreement and the Aarhus Convention support SDG 16 and the 2030 Agenda.


The course is free and self-paced. It is available at the Observatory on Principle 10 in Latin America and the Caribbean. Upon successful completion and passing the final quiz, users will receive a certificate from the organizing entities. 

Results of the webinar "The significant participation of the public in the Escazú Agreement in preparation for its entry into force: proposals and inputs"


The elected representatives of the public and ECLAC held two webinars on 27 and 28 May 2020 inviting the public to participate in the discussions to draft proposals for the significant participation of the public in the implementation of the Escazú Agreement.




The elected representatives of the public have summarized the results of the feedback received from participants of those webinars in the document below. 


Moreover, a survey is being conducted by the elected representatives of the public on the Committee to Support Implementation and Compliance (CSIC). Take the survey below:



Several online events on the Escazú Agreement take place



The Escazú Agreement is highlighted in several activities:



Sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges and opportunities (23 July 2020)



- Seminar on the Sustainable Development Goals and Escazú: its importance for local development (18 June 2020) 



- Discussion with parliamentarians on the Escazú Agreement (1 June 2020)


El Salvador:

- Workshop for journalists on the Escazú Agreement (14 July 2020)

-   Virtual dialogue: Environment, gender and the Escazú Agreement (17 July 2020)



The Escazú Agreement and the protection of environmental defenders in Mexico (17 June 2020)



- Workshops on sustainable development and the Escazú Agreement (27 May, 3 and 14 July 2020)

Environmental democracy now (16 June 2020)

Forum "Escazú Agreement. Opportunities and ratification" (8 July 2020)


Saint Lucia:

- Seminars on the Escazú Agreement with the  National Workers Union and the  Judiciary (25 and 28 July 2020)


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 

CYEN Webinar: Building Awareness on the Escazu Agreement for Youth Organizations (12 July 2020)



Lacemos roundtable discussion: How is the Escazú Agreement doing in the region? (30 June 2020)

Webinar Escazú Youth Champions (9 July 2020)



Seminar on the Escazú Agreement for the Saint Lucia Bar Association 

6 August 2020.


Virtual forum "Socio-environmental context in Honduras. The need to advance towards the signature, ratification and implementation of the Escazú Agreement"

6 August 2020.


Last day to sign the Escazú Agreement

26 September 2020.


Second meeting of the signatory countries to the Escazú Agreement

9-10 December 2020.


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Escazú Agreement
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