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Arrangements after the closing of the period for signature of the Escazú Agreement



Pursuant to article 21 of the treaty, the period for signature of the Escazú Agreement concluded on 26 September 2020. The treaty has been signed by  24 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Signatory countries may continue to become Parties through ratification.  Instruments of ratification may be deposited at the United Nations Treaty Section in New York at any time.
  • Those countries that have not signed it within the deadline may become Parties through accession  (single-step process without signature). Instruments of accession have the same requirements and legal effects as those of ratification. 

Belize and Dominica sign the Escazú Agreement


Belize and  Dominica  signed the Escazú Agreement on 24 and 26 September 2020, respectively, at United Nations Headquarters in New York. 


Moreover, on 25 September 2020, the National Congress of Argentina passed the law ratifying the Escazú Agreement. The instrument of ratification shall be deposited with the United Nations Secretary-General. 

Second meeting of the signatory countries will take place under the auspices of Antigua and Barbuda


The second meeting of the signatory countries to the Escazú Agreement will be held on 9 and 10 December 2020 under the auspices of Antigua and Barbuda. 


The meeting coincides with International Human Rights Defenders Day (9 December) and International Human Rights Day (10 December).


More information will be available in short. 




National and regional events are organized on the Escazú Agreement





Workshop for public officials of the Government of Colombia on the Escazú Agreement

1 October 2020.



Environmental defenders forum in South America (OHCHR, ECLAC, UN Environment)

4-5 November 2020.



Second meeting of the signatory countries to the Escazú Agreement

9-10 December 2020.


Escazú Agreement
ECLAC - United Nations

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